The Fit Process

The Fit ProcessFit-Process-Treadmill

What is Pronation and Why do I care?

Pronation is the way the foot rolls inward when you walk or run. It is part of the natural movement that helps the lower leg deal with the weight transfer to the foot; some people pronate more or less than others.

By providing our customers with the fit process we will ensure each individual’s need is met and accurately determine what type of pronator you are, more – over-pronator or less – under-pronator. No matter what style you are we want to make sure you are running or walking in the correct shoe. We will accomplish this by utilizing video gait analysis. Video gait analysis is the bio-mechanical assessment of an individual’s stride. The goal of any running gait analysis process is to improve form, address inefficiencies, and prevent future injuries.

After our initial consultation, we will place you on our treadmill for about 30 seconds so that we may film your feet as you come in contact with the surface; this shows us the moment your weight is transferred to the foot. Our analysis will help us determine your degree of pronation and only then will we be able to truly educate you on what style of shoe best fits your needs.analysis-screen-shot

Now comes the fun part; we will bring different brands out for you to try. We will ask you to run in each shoe.  You may choose to run in the store or out on the sidewalk. We will even put you back on the treadmill to film you in the each shoe so you can see what a difference the right shoe truly makes. Seeing is believing; you will immediately appreciate the clear comparison of the right and wrong shoe. We also save the video for your future needs.

This process is completely free and no appointment is ever necessary.

Orthotics – Aetrex Nova

The Aetrex Nova foot scanner produces a digital image map of the pressure points of your feet. This pressure maps helps select the best orthotic insert for needed comfort and support.